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or something like it.

from The People, Yes

The sea has fish for every man.

Every blade of grass has it’s share of dew.

The longest day must have it’s end.

Man’s life? A candle in the wind, hoar-frost

on stone.

Nothing more certain than death and nothing

more uncertain than the hour.

Men live like birds together in a wood; when

the time comes each takes his flight.

As wave follows wave, so new men take old

men’s places.

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Dream Catcher

stop chasing your dreams and stand still–maybe they are trying to find you.
this came to me upon thinking about making big changes, and moves. I want to stand still for long enough to feel the ground move beneath me, to really understand the direction from which it is urgently hinting at me to continue, at this crossroads that is more like a multifaceted and dew kissed web.

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The practice of altruism is the authentic way to live as a human being, and it is not just for religious people. As human beings, our purpose is to live meaningful lives, to develop a warm heart. There is meaning in being everyone’s friend. The real source of peace amongst our families, friends and neighbors is love and compassion. ~The Dalai Lama

That being said, it’s not always the least challenging way to live. But when the smile comes straight from the heart and sticks to your face, that’s a good start.

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