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let er rip! magic takes over the driver’s seat. nothing like almost selling your soul out to please other people to shake you into the present moment and damn if I don’t mean to enjoy that moment, whether you like it or not. I won’t apologize or make up excuses for my behavior, and I won’t claim to understand why you live your life one way and I do another thing with mine over here. Magic doesn’t leave much but dust in it’s wake, but I think it has a sheen that is like none other.


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One Love

Separation=fear, unity=love. It’s hard for people to drop the relics and culture of religious belief, but we are all one or none, the ego shrouds us all in fear which continues to separate us, we learn fear and even hatred through our religious upbringings or cultural norms and meanwhile destroy the living goddess Gaia…while we argue over semantics and ages old holy books, words or deeds, the one who makes it all true lies dying as we trample her once perfect landscape.

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