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Wow! This woman is living my dream…

But even dreams of tiny proportions need to manifest in the right time, space and place. Naïveté and inexperience can only take you so far, and sometimes where you think you’re going isn’t the place you get to. But it’s alright, I’m all right.

I almost got this chance to live off grid once. With undergrad in Iowa, living out west in Olympia for 8 years and on a farm for part of that timespan, even living on a sheep farm, and my time teaching in China, nothing had prepared me for the failure of my previous off grid mishap.

The living off grid part and the farming part were amazing. But the perfect house was unfortunately in a place that screamed Deliverance.

First of all, don’t move to a place where, when your 13 year old potential neighbor meets your two and a half year old, she’s floored that he speaks so well –because “my baby brother’s almost three and all he can do is cuss…” Sweet Jesus Christ on a croissant!

Then the people at work told me I “better not tell anyone (I) was Jewish because, well, they just wouldn’t understand”…and not in the typical way of innocent ignorance like a Yankee, but in a quite menacing way that literally had me running from being the lone Jew in the woods. And I basically was Buddhist at heart by this point in life, so it was a double whammy to think I could somehow coexist with this prejudice and malice, when I just didn’t see the sense of resisting the paradigm down there. So I came back to society and I’ve been stuck in a cycle ever since of being in the system. Breaking it down from the inside instead, accepting where I am and going with that. Falls and all.

Next time I’ll build my own place on wheels so if I don’t like where I’m at I just roll away…


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