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Shalom Yeladim

In between Jesus and a Jew there must lie a middle way, the sweet spot between ease and tension. This Pesach didn’t take itself so seriously and wound up being so happy, simple, fun and pure in spirit that the four questions, although both unasked and unanswered, no doubt burn a memory so deep within the collective heart that we no longer need to dwell and kvell.

Yes, the more we deepen our belief systems is the more we push other people away, those who didn’t get raised in our culture, our faith, or our philosophy will never understand what speaks to your own heart when you stand alone before your version of a higher power or your absolute truth. The IS. Whatever name you care to hang on your god so long as it pleases you and hurts none, why should we be afraid and divided?

This time of passing over, of release from fear and bondage and of scary faith driven madness, hiding from curses and rushing without time to let bread rise, oh yeah dayenu. It’s madness to keep teaching children to fear each other!

As proud as I’ve been in the past of my Jewish culture and identity, it separates me from others in ways that should not be. I think everyone should intermix and then there will be no more hate when we are each literally a part of one another and each faith and spirit must be assimilated while also being honored and revered for whatever goodness their tidings has brought us in the ancient past.

No doubt the earlier people were closer to spirit, earth and god than the modern and civilized man of today. We live cut off from nature and in reverence and slavery to money and the never ending cycle of greed and corruption that society keeps reflecting as we squirm under the microscope of the gods. Why we even exist is so strangely mysterious and yet everyone thinks they know the answer to this delicious secret.
Interesting that out of all the religions there are none that can answer “why” although they often try to tell us “how”.

I’m searching for seekers who are dreamers of songs and spinning webs of poems and raising their glasses to the nectar of heavy summer flowers. I’m spinning fine woven talespun thread to weft and wend through my life as though the storyteller was a tapestry artist and this story was the finest to create. Every moment a work of art. Every act of love a poem. Every melting hug a flower blooming.

I wish my kiss could rain down like this spring storm and drench you in it’s intentions and powers. Love lives in my heart as a spiral that unfurls and swirls out to tickle you all. Smiling eyes of my loves all made me dizzy happy and the tears that spring forth are brought from depths of true joy, calm and life affirming visions shared with meadow foxes and happy children following flutes.


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